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Just Because. Halloween 2015.

Our Third Halloween with TWO kids. Food Truck Theme. 2015.

First. The Wagon. Well seeing as the theme for this year was Food Trucks you better believe I did my best to turn the wagon into a mini food truck. 2015 was the year we stalked all of favorite trucks all over the valley and frequented them often.  Some of our favs are Best Dressed Dog, Hot Cookie Truck owned by the talented Scarlett over at Made It. Ate It. Loved It., and Waffle Love. Amazingly enough we may or may not know each of the people who own and operate these wonderful yummy trucks and more. 

For this one Bry had to build me a frame to put on the wagon to help keep the sides up.  Behold, Dos Hermanos BOO-rritos Y Mas! Of course the name is based off our two boys (we had Baby Boy Bluth in July that year) and our love for Mexican food. Even the menu was filled with puns (a love of my husbands). This wagon was a combination of foam board, computer generated images I made, and hand painting. The truck was "street leg…

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