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Photography. Event. May the Fourth Be With You.

My current state may or may not really be wanting to be at Star Wars Day at Disneyland today. Just sayin'.

Random fact about me: I went 31 years without seeing a single Star Wars movie. Yup and there are many other "classics" that I still haven't seen or went almost just as long before viewing. I am a mom of boys and my oldest started in on his love for Star Wars at an early age of three thanks to his cousin. I knew I had to finally succumb to the Star Wars culture so I could hold a conversation with my four year old. I finally caved after 31 years of never seeing a Star Wars movie and watched The Force Awakens a few months ago. And well that ladies and gentleman opened up a FLOOD gate. I had to know more, I had to watch them all. The debated started in my mind and then eventually it escaped my mouth: Do I start with Episode 4-the original first movie or do I start at Episode 1 from the new trilogy? I couldn't believe I was saying this stuff-OUT LOUD! Ha.

Well ov…

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