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Just Because. Announcing Baby Bluth #3

Yes, it's true. Yet, another reason I haven't been adding anything to the "blog."  It seems as though just when life was beginning to fall into place we decide it's time to shake things up.  SURPRISE, we are having another baby!

It has been no secret that trying to conceive hasn't always been the easiest thing for us and staying pregnant was even harder once we did. After making up my mind that batting .500 in the area of childbearing (two out of four) wasn't a bad thing I had my heart wrapped around my two boys and really found happiness.  I was ready to accept that our youngest would be our last and started planning for the future as our family of four. Our boys were bookended by miscarriages and they type that I had experience are difficult to explain and understand, unless you have been there. I could not do it again. The insurmountable stress was just too much.

.:When I have more time I will post more about the two miscarriages that we experienced an…

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