PIP Goods. Having Fun being part of PIP Goods- the Perfectly Imperfect Pair

So my new venture of being a small business owner and designer has been fun and a lot of hard work.  I'll get into more details about how we started and our story later (it's too late/early in the morning for that kind of writing). In short we are the Perfectly Imperfect Pair (PIP)- Bridgette and myself. And we like to make stuff. Her website it so fancy :). And judging by her website I should leave the photographing to her.

Anywho, most of my time has been spent photographing our products (when I'm not updating the website, shipping orders, prepping for a market, placing new orders for inventory, or designing, etc. lol.). I'm learning along the way about how to photograph things that we are trying to sell rather than capturing a moment in time with portrait photography. It's a work in progress, as are all things in my life.

Here are some of the photographs taken since we started our business back at the end of September. Feel free to stop by our Etsy Shop and Shopify Site to see what we are carrying. Sorry you will see a lot of my kid(s) since they are the most accessible to photograph and they work for free or for candy.


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