Photography. Event. May the Fourth Be With You.

My current state may or may not really be wanting to be at Star Wars Day at Disneyland today. Just sayin'.

Random fact about me: I went 31 years without seeing a single Star Wars movie. Yup and there are many other "classics" that I still haven't seen or went almost just as long before viewing. I am a mom of boys and my oldest started in on his love for Star Wars at an early age of three thanks to his cousin. I knew I had to finally succumb to the Star Wars culture so I could hold a conversation with my four year old. I finally caved after 31 years of never seeing a Star Wars movie and watched The Force Awakens a few months ago. And well that ladies and gentleman opened up a FLOOD gate. I had to know more, I had to watch them all. The debated started in my mind and then eventually it escaped my mouth: Do I start with Episode 4-the original first movie or do I start at Episode 1 from the new trilogy? I couldn't believe I was saying this stuff-OUT LOUD! Ha.

Well over the next weekend I binged watched ALL of the movies every night after the kids were asleep.  My husband Bryan tried to be supportive of my new craze and started each night watching with me but eventually fell asleep each night.  I never knew when he had so I caught myself talking to myself and asking questions to no one but me and the tv screen.

I have since fallen for the whole kit and caboodle. I visit the Star Wars toy section at Target each time we go to see if any of the toys are on sale-for my son of course. The elves of course had to bring us Star Wars LEGO mini figures from their advent calendar, I mean hello? It's bad! I have the Star Wars bug.  T-shirts, a semi-mini room make over for our oldest, and the soundtrack playing in our house as background music almost daily! Costumes from the Disney Store? EVEN a Build-A-Bear Storm Trooper?!? Wow. Somebody send help.

Oh, and then there is Rouge One. LOVE IT. We haven't let our oldest watch it yet, he has his whole life left to watch it, so we will hold off for now.  But I mean, great movie. I couldn't wait to get on the plane and watch it on the way home from Hawaii. Nerd Alert!

'nuff about me and my new love for Star Wars.  Here are some photos from the Party Throwing Guru Scarlett! Yes, that is her new nickname! Here is her post on her party. Again, perfection. And a shout out to my sister who also is an amazing party thrower and her awesome decor and games she did for her too! You will need to visits Scarlett's page to see the whole thing, no detail left untouched-per usual.

May the Fourth Be With You!


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